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Tegs BA & BL


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Thought I'd share my experience so far, I know reading others really helped me.

So my consult was on Thursday 4/9, Dr. Dona was great, explained everything, took the time to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable. He measured me up, went through what I was after and tried on the sizer ect. We decided on 700 right with donut lift and 615 with lollipop lift, hp textured silicone to give me the look and size I was wanting. After meeting with him I went and was measured for the po bra by one of his nurses, went through paper work finalised payment ect. Left feeling reallt informed and confident.

Boob day 9/6- admission was one at kingsgrove day hostpital. Went through a bit before two, put the sexy disposable undies, socks, hair net and gown. Got my blood pressure and weight taken by a lovely nurse, met the anesthesiologists, they had a quick chat asked questions then I went and met dr dona, he was great at calming my nerves, had a chat and marked me up.

Went into the surgery room, layed down and the anesthesis asked if I liked the music lol had a joke with me, said he like my tattoos while putting in the cannula then I was out in like 5secs lol. Woke up in recovery, with the compression bra on already, just felt groggy with some slight stinging. Nurses helped me up the heating blanket was amazing btw, then had some apple juice. Went and was helped getting dressed in my clothes then sat in the recliner and watched some tv while waiting for hubby to come (about 4.30 by then) had some jatz with cheese and a couple bikkies and water. Blood pressure and temp ect. All was perfect and the canula was taken out. Was given endone and about 5ish hubby came, got the scripts from the chemist down stairs. After that it was home time! Walking was slow but fine! No trouble with getting up or going to the bathroom. Just taking things slowly and easy.

Hubby is being amazing as usual. Now chilling catching up on GOT while icing my bad boys haha.

seriously already love them! Fingers crossed recovery keeps going this way

p.s sorry for the book or if it doesn't make sense haha

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Thanks lovelies!

I'm super surprised how recovery is going so far, I was expecting the worst.. tightness is about 4/10 and pain 2/10. Fingers crossed it continues fairly easy. Really looking forward to having a bit more of a look later lol x

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