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for those wondering about exercise


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HI girls,


Not a question - more some of my personal experience!


I had my 6 week post op appointment today and have been cleared to do everything except anything that takes my full body weight such as pull-ups and chin-ups.  Nurse said I will be able to do them, just in a few months.


I went for a run the other day and felt great - I have been walking since day 4 and was surprised at how much fitness I retained.  Even burpees (well half burpees) weren't that bad! lol


So for those of you who are stressing about the down time, from someone who 12 months ago would have cried at the thought of having a day off let alone 6 weeks, I feel rested and ready to get back into it without needing to go into damage control :-) in saying that I did eat well and as I said above I walked every day. 


So yay - I'm getting to the other side - getting fitted for new bras tomorrow (have just been advised not to wear underwire too much) so I'm a pretty happy girl.


Good luck to those who are waiting for their op and enjoy for those who are on the other side!!

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm two days post op and have been for a long slow walk today (30 mins) and probably over did it. Out of breath and tightness worsened. I'm very fit and in to the gym so this initially got me down but reading this helped me remember I'll get there eventually!!

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Louboobs - yes you will get there - I was feeling pretty good by day for - that is why I started walking - but slowly... just listen to your body (I found that hard as I used to only listen to my head!)!


Jasmine - I never thought I would say this but I found I ate so much better! Perhaps because I wasn't exercising as much?? I surprised myself actually ;-)


Good luck girls ;-)

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