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I wanna upgrade!!

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I am OBSESSED with the idea of going bigger, ever since about one week PO. I fit a 10F now with my 415/450 cc HP rounds but in reality they don't look that big at all. I whinge about them to my friends and bf all the time who think i'm crazy lol. I was always set on getting that round, fake, top heavy look but this was the max I was allowed to go :( I love them and I think my doctor did an amazing job but every day I just wish they were bigger.


I emailed Doctor Dona in Sydney who specialises in doing XL implants and the nurse emailed back saying a revision will be from 9000 upwards, and extra if I need a lift (which i'm sure I wouldn't). I'm really set on having a consult sometime this year and seeing what he can fit in me and then going from there. 


Any ladies on here that have had a revision to go bigger? Who did you go with, how much did you pay, what are your cc/profile/cup size stats before and after?



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You're 21. While massive implants seem a good idea now I think you have to realistically think long term. You're tiny. Your back will most likely hurt and your boobs will 99% sag. Just think hard before taking action xx

Agreed. And if you plan on having children/breastfeed, think of toll this takes on your breasts.

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