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Increased appetitate after boobs

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Hey girlies


Is it just me or have after your surgery (apart from week one where I had no appetite at all) but 2 weeks - now (I'm 4 weeks Friday) is your appetitate raging and out of control... I just can't stop eating!  I eat a lot of protein and vege but craving lots of carbs... I still weigh the same even 2 kgs less but WOW I hope it stops can't keep going like this haha!

I have been walking every day for an hour as well for exercise 


hope its not just me !


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Lol mine was omg!! I didn't really eat for the first few weeks with all the vomiting & stuff lol then I was eating like a monster..I just made sure I had heaps of healthy stuff in the fridge so I wasn't tempted to go too nuts. I googled it because I thought it was weird & found some stuff on it, one thought being your body is working overtime to heal :) Dunno how factual that is but sorta makes sense :) 

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