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I am so lost


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Me 3.  I can't find me friends list? cant click on pics without getting an error msg and I also not getting notificiations.  I guess they will have a few problems with the upgrade and it will hopefully come right!! I was also having withdrawals as I couldn't log in for like 8 hours ha ha.

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Same here.  would log in at all with my email, reset my password 3 times (I was having PSF withdrawals) but then they email me and said to try my username instead. 

Friends list is a bit different too... see below:


Posted 12 hours ago · Report post

We are thrilled to have upgraded the forum to IP4 which we feel is a huge improvement. This software is built by a 3rd party and as such, we have very little control over it at this point. The gallery module is currently a work in progress and will be improved as soon as new releases are available.

There are some notable changes:

  1. You can now upload video!
  2. The forum no longer uses 'friends' and we are hoping that the software provider bring back this feature further down the line.
  3. At PSF we value your privacy and don't take it for granted. With this in mind, during the upgrade, we have had to switch the 'friends album' to private. Whilst this is frustrating, we hope you understand how much we value your privacy.
  4. You can of course share your private albums with any member on the site by clicking the 'edit album' button and adding that member to your 'share list'.
  5. If you would like a list of your PSF friends from the previous version of the forum, please email help@plasticsurgeryforum.com.au with your member name and we will send it across to make it easier for you.
  6. There is no change to an album that was set to 'public'. 

There are definitely some large improvements to make around the gallery as it's far from perfect, so stay tuned for updates over the course of the next few months.

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This is a lovely improvement.

Te GUI (graphical user interface - or how it looks and feels to navigate byus) on all my platforms (smartphone / my tablet and pc) are very well positioned.

It 'should' be good on all web browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc)  too however, if any of you are chugging along in old Explorer versions - beware!!

Emma's bought an off the shelf product out of the US. It needs a little 'tweaking'......(beware buying prepackaged off the shelf software products on the cheap..you get screwed over the upgrades /tech support and the modifications !!!)

Give it time everyone  -the old version was well past its development potential and was allready starting to look its age..........





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Hi Sarah(o)(o)

Completely understand that is frustrating at the beginning after a major change - takes a bit of getting used to. The previous system was 13 years old and we were forced to upgrade. We are in the hands of Invision Power (our 3rd party forum provider) who are working hard on some great new features for the platform.

Here are a few helpful posts that answer some of your questions and others in this thread. We are always here to help and want to build features that work for the community. Over the next few months, there are lots of exciting changes in the pipeline that will solve all of the issues mentioned here.


You can set your album to only share with certain members rather than being public. With your current settings, they will be available to any 'signed in member'. If you do not want this, please adjust your privacy settings. Any problems, send an email to help@plasticsurgeryforum.com.au. Check out the following post:


You can adjust all your notification settings within your profile, so you get notifications customised to how you want them. Check out the following post:


New features

Don't worry, a brand new friends and social module is coming soon! As soon as Invision Power release it, we will roll it out for you.


We are also updating the brand colour palette so watch this space for that over the next few weeks.


You can follow other members and they can follow you (not for albums), so this is a great way to track content that you are interested in. It's different from 'friends' though and not to be seen as a replacement. It works in the same way as twitter for example.

Hope that helps, drop us an email if you have any further questions.

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