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Pain from first Ba

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Hi all I just wanted to put it out there that Dr.Merten is a fantastic reconstructive breast surgeon. I had my orginal Ba done by Dr Jake Lim in which he did a good job although for some reason I was experiencing nerve pain in my left breast under my arm pit. Over time the left implant dropped and was pressing on the nerve even more. After mutilply visits to dr lim asking why why why? He couldn't really explain it and said only three of his patients in the 16 years he's being a plastic surgeon have experienced this. By the 10th follow up visit of why's and please help me's dr lim finally gave me the name and contact of Dr Steve Merten. Once I booked in with Dr Merten we instantly clicked I knew this man was happy to help he was almost excited to help me, as this particular procedure he was to perform on my was only quiet new in Australia. Anyways cutting a very long story short I was extremely lucky and Dr Merten helped me and performed my reconstructive surgery at a minimum cost. I ended up replacing my implants for smaller ones from 450cc to 425cc and going from allergen to Mentor. Best decision ever. Although my breast are very high maintence,meaning I can never go braless and I wear wirefree support bras to bed every day I am very grateful for Dr Mertens help and I highly recommend him for anyone who needs revision ba surgery.

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