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Hi All,

New member here. I had weight loss surgery way back in 2004, side effect of excessive loose skin.

I did have a tummy tuck here in Australia in 2014, not entirely happy with the results and have some pouching.

On my list of things I want to get fixed:

  • revision of my tummy tuck and fix the pouching
  • Breast lift/reduction/implants to look like a full E cup, get rid of the side boob skin
  • Thigh lift to remove excessive skin
  • 2 dental implants 

I'm 5'11 so quite tall and have a large frame (I fluctuate between 91kg - 95kg). I have always had large boobs and after feeding two kids and loosing weight they are quite saggy, although currently my bras go from a 14 F-G  to 16 E-F. So I am worried with the excess skin removed they may come down too small for my frame. From what I have read so far I need to be looking at cc instead of cup size, but struggling to find how I can translate that into something I can understand.

I have sent off a few quote requests off to a few medical travel places to see what kind of costs I am looking at.

Is it even possible to have so much surgery in one trip or should I break it up ?

What are some of the common questions I should be asking, besides looking up a surgeons before and after pics.

Is is better to take family member with you or go alone?

Has anyone else had all of these done?

I will keep reading through the forums to soak up all the information I can,

Thanks in advance for your help on the next path of my journey.



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I don't think you could do that all in one trip, but that's just what I've read from others experiences on here. I also don't think you should go alone. You will need someone to help you for the first 48 hours just having breast surgery alone. 

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