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The Cosmetic Institute & BWD

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Hi ladies,

Firstly, I have been researching non-stop for the past month or so and this particular forum has been invaluable, so much great info from you girls. 

As a quick background I'm now 25 y/o, have wanted larger breasts since 18, but only started seriously looking at booking surgery in the next few months.

My concern is the opposite of most girls here - I'm actually worried about going too large!

I have looked endlessly at photos and know I want something between 210-275cc (think Miranda Kerr pre-baby or Jennifer Aniston circa Friends). I've also gone back and forth with TCI with my millions of questions. 

The one thing I couldn't seem to find out in my research is what sort of range the TCI surgeons recommend for your BWD?

I've attempted measuring my own BWD and come up with 12cm, but not sure if that's the way the surgeons there would measure.

Can any of you ladies shed some light on: 

- How your TCI surgeon measured your BWD?

- and/ or what was your BWD, and what size and profile implant did the surgeon then recommend? 


I'm trying to figure out what the lowest and highest cc's that TCI would recommend based on BWD so I can compare it to the Natrelle Inspira charts.

I know the smallest implant they have is the moderate profile 210's, but I imagine they only recommend this for girls with a tiny BWD?

All the TCI before and afters I've seen look great, but there are hardly any in the under 300cc range.

I'm from Melbourne, so wouldn't have my actual consult until the day or so before surgery and just stressing out about them saying something like "the smallest you can go is 320cc".

I'm hoping to book with Dr Lee for October FYI.


I hope this all makes sense and you girls can help shed some light!



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When  you speak to Dr lee  tell him what look you are after, he will guide you in the right direction. Everyone is after a different look and he understands this so  he is not going to give you big boobs if that is not what you want. There is a lot of factors other than BWD that determine your choices I don't see there being any issues in choosing a small implant if you have not had children or your skin has not been stretched from gaining loosing weight. Some people like me have to go for a bigger implant to fill the pre stretched skin to get the look we are after. I was worried about going too big , but at the same time needed a minimum size to fill them up. He got the sizing spot on for me and  I think the size is just perfect. Good luck :)

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Just remember that a 320 cc implant to one person will look small while to another person it will look big. I know a girl who had 330 cc and this was her max and it took her to an E cup, other people around this size fit a D-DD. Also remember that fake boobs look a lot smaller than natural boobs that are the same cup size - in reality a DD for fake boobs isn't THAT big. You don't want to go against your doctors advice and choose a too small implant that doesn't look right on your body. Good luck hun :)

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There are so many different implant styles out there but just keep in mind they don't offer anatomicals (these generally give the most natural look although rounds can look natural too). 


Ive be been told you can't measure your own bwd and someone else has to do it for you. 


Most surgeons are happy to go + or - 1cm of your bwd so the implant doesn't need to be exactly the same width as your bwd (but ultimately listen to your surgeon as everyone's anatomy is different). 


Do they offer low profile implants at all? These give less projection than mods (I'm unsure if rounds come in low projection but know that anatomicals do). 

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Thank you Minnie Mouse, mycosmeticjourney and Cupcake85.

I will definitely go in depth with Dr Lee when I meet with him about the look that I want. 

I do have some breast tissue, no sag (yet). 

I've contemplated so long because the increase I want wouldn't be more than 1 - 1.5 cup size. In fact, if I were told the smallest they would recommend is larger than what I want, I wouldn't go ahead. I'd rather have what I have now than something too large I don't want even if technically according to the surgeon  (by measurements) that's what would suit me best.

Does that make sense? 


I know TCI only do round, under the muscle which I'm happy with. I've seen lots of rounds that still look great and rather natural, but with that perky upper pole I'm after.

TCI use Natrelle Inspira Mods, HP and XHP. Looking at the charts, the Inspira mods are equivalent in projection to mod plus (Mentor), so not exactly 'low' profile. Most pictures of the looks I like have been mod plus (or Inspira mods) so hopefully this will be offered to me!

I have a consultation booked in Melbourne but not for another five weeks, just to see what they say. My heart is set on TCI in Bondi as I live with my in-laws and actually want to have it done away from home where I can relax and recover with my partner (what better place than Bondi?). Like anyone as excited as I am, I'm just being impatient and trying to find out as much as humanly possible beforehand.


thank you for your reply girls, it does help!


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Believe all these ladies honesty! I was going to go with the 265cc and my surgeon Dr Ali  @ TCI honestly recommended the 295cc so glad I decided the larger size, they are perfect size for my body. I have a lot of recovery and d&f to do but I know that looking at them now I would have been so disappointed if I went the 265cc. Trust the surgeon !! 


Hope it all goes well for you 


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