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Travel hacks for surgery travel.


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So I fly out in less than 2 weeks to Phuket for my BA. I am actually away on a business trip at the moment. My clothes got all crinkly and my hotel has a terrible iron!  Does anyone have any travel packing hacks they find really helpful?

One thing I have been doing is using the bar of soap provided to wash smaller items of clothing as I don't need to get laundry done for at least a week. I just hang them up in my hotel room window.

A nice small pair of sharp scissors could have been handy if I packed it to cut off tags of new clothes and open new electronic things. Would probably be helpful for BA travel too as can't use the pectoral muscles much.

Anyway let me know your travel hacks! Please!!  


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I really was worried about what to wear around the pool and so I bought lots of things with me but the best has actually been a rashie (I would never normally wear one) but it is great as it hides the Nana bra, you can wear your bikini bottoms and also no chance of burning new assets. I have tried a sports crop over the bra and also just a plain singlet top but its pretty noticeable that the bra is there with both. Suitcase with wheels is essential, even your hand luggage, get a small cabin bag from kmart for $20. I also packed a lot of food to bring over, crackers, jar of peanut butter, wraps even cans of tuna and a jar of mayo. As much as you can carry, you can bring it all into Thailand and sometimes you just want a little snack, not a huge meal, and you may not feel like going to the shop. Also bring your own nail polish if you want to go and get a mani or pedi, the places here have terrible quality nail polish, its off in a day.

Good luck!!

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