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Dent in boob?

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Hi guys, I'm 12weeks post op today and for the past two weeks I've had muscle pain in both boobs, mainly the right one. Some days it's bad enough that I've needed to take some ibuprofen. I am cleaning my house getting ready to sell it, so I have been doing heaps of scrubbing, especially of stubborn white floor tiles. I thought the muscle pain was probably related to that? It feels like a have "pulled a muscle" type pain.

But I noticed two days ago that my left breast has gone a funny shape even though it was the right one that was hurting so much. It's like it has a dent in the bottom of it?? It's looks like I've been wearing a push up bra, they've been squashed upwards, then taken off the bra and the breast has stayed squashed upwards like that? they've been normal until then, it was perfectly round. 

I though after a slept in my crop top I would go back to normal, but it was like that again yesterday. I don't know if it's me just staring at them too long and expecting them to be perfectly round, or if they have become misshapen?

Wondering if I've done some damage from all the cleaning, packing and organising I've been doing?? (I haven't lifted anything heavy though). 

It kinda looks like playdough that's been squashed into a funny shape but hasn't bounced back to the original round shape? 


Anyone me else experienced anything like this??? Could it be early stages of CC?? 


I called the surgeon and the receptionist wanted me to come in straight away but Unfort I'm working 8am-8pm today. Next day my surgeon is in is next Tuesday so she's booked me in then. 

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