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Questions for my consultation tommorrow


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Hey, you will find that a lot of your questions will be answered by the surgeon without having to ask! My question were:

Regarding having children in the future and how it would effect breast feeding.

Exercise.. When to stop strength before and when I can get back to it after. 

In terms of risk etc he/she will go over that anyway.

I am a smoker so I asked how smoking effects the BA.

How long to take off work with my job... Can vary depending on how physical your job is.

The doctor will ask what you want and the outcome you are after. 

I asked about the twilight sedation and what happens. I wasn't concerned about this as I've been put under before.

Also asked about the incision and how long the cut is. 

Aside from that he went over most things anyway, as a surgeon they have to outline all possible risks etc

Hope this helps! :)



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My only problem was being so indecisive about what size to go! I'm having a quick consult before surgery to confirm size and make sure I'm getting what I want! :) We all forgot questions to ask so they are used to people calling and asking after the consult. Better to have piece of mind!

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