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breast lift with Dr poomee

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Hi ladies,

I got my ba and lift with Dr Poomee on the 4th of may.

I am so pleased with my results, I went over the muscle and went from a A cup to D.

My breasts look extremely natural and I have more confidence.

The hospital was very good, he was pricier but I wanted to get the best result.

I have ciqa care gel sheets which I wear 24 hours a day and I also wear a bra all the time, I will do this for 6 months, scars are healing really well.

I travelled alone, next time I will have a friend come with me when I return for my abdomniplasty

I found the forum really helpful for helping me decide what to do.

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Hi, just wondering if your breasts are even in size and appearance? I have just had BL and BA with Dr. Poomee at Bumrungrad and one is bigger than the other and the nipples are not at the same height. It is only 7 days post op and wanted to know if it's possible they will even up over time or if this is how they're going to look, say, 5 months from now. If they do, I will want to get the smaller one with the lower nipple fixed. I guess the BL adds an extra challenge to get the breasts the same size? Anyway, hoping you have some before and after pics to share and/or some words of advice. Thanks!

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