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7 Months Post Op - 1 Thing I wish I'd Known!!


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Hi All,

I am 7 months post op now and I thought I'd come back and do a review.  I am thrilled with my breast reduction but there are a few things I'd wish I'd known before hand:

1.  I was a 10G prior to my surgery and I am a 10E/10F now depending on the bra.  Because my band size is so small the PS could not safely remove more tissue without compromising blood supply and/or the aesthetic look.  My boobs look amazing but I really had in my head that I wanted to be a C cup.  I struggle some days with the fact that my boobs are still technically plus sized... they were lifted nearly 15cm though and I had 500gms removed from each side!

2. My boobs are perky!! When I take my bra off they stay where they should!! Only you girls will understand the amazing thing that is.  I have had some bottoming out and have lost the upper pole fullness but in a bra they are amazing.  Make sure you talk to your PS about the quality of your skin.  My skin is very elastic in the boob area given the excessive weight gain and loss over the years.  This has caused the slight bottoming out and loss of the upper pole fullness.

You will never regret this surgery.  Make sure you go in eyes wide open and have the right expectations... Mine were obviously a little unrealistic.  I thought I had done all my research and that I had asked my PS every question there was to ask.  I'm not going to lie its been an emotional journey... Ultimately my boobs look amazing... If I let go of what size they are I beam from ear to ear.

Hope this helps someone about to undertake this journey x

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I was out of pocket approximately $7,500.  I also had top private health cover.

We did discuss breastfeeding (and having children in general) but I didn't focus a lot on it as I have already had 2 children and I don't intend on having anymore.  My PS recommends that you don't have a breast reduction if you plan to breastfeed.  Due to my size (10G at the time) the amount of tissue removed during the reduction meant that it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to breastfeed and also the impact of the growth and reduction of your boobs during and after pregnancy/breastfeeding would mostly likely undo his work!

As we are a similar size, I would highly recommend that you specifically discuss your expectations and what your PS can realistically achieve.  Due to my small back size (10) I have since found out that it was highly unlikely that I could achieve a C cup or even an E cup in reduction.  There's a particular measurement that they use that can safely tell you the reduction and size.  I still had 500gms removed from each side and only went down 1/2 cup sizes (depends on the bra but I am now a 10E/10F).  Also make sure you ask him about the different techniques... I've since found out from a different PS that if I'd had an anchor reduction (I had a lollipop reduction) that I would have been able to have had more removed.  It would have only made 1 cup size difference but to me it would have been worth it to have the additional scars and recovery time to lose an extra cup.

Happy to answer any more questions you have :) It might be easier to PM me as I don't come on here as often anymore.

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