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Hi Ladies,

I just thought I would share my experience to help any Melbourne girls choosing a surgeon.

I started looking for a doctor last year. Whilst I wanted a good price...I was also prepared to pay more if I felt comfortabe with the surgeon.

My first consultation was with Dr Bruce Fox. My experience with him was rather quick and I felt he used a lot of surgical terms I didn't understand.

He is very experienced and does have a good reputation but he is also was very clear that he determines the size of your breasts on the operating table.

For me this consultation wasnt very personal and it kind of scared me off the idea of breast augmentation for a while.

This year I decided I would try anothr consultation as I still really wanted larger breasts!

My second consultation was with Dr ****...he is probably one of the cheaper surgeons in Melbourne. Costing around 8k.

Dorris his nurse was lovely and she spoke with me for about an hour and then I saw Dr ****.

Dr **** was nice but he still didnt make me feel totally comfortable with my decision. I cant really explain why because I actually booked it in after the consult.

Though coming up to the day I was having quite a bit of anxiety. They at the last minute they changed my surgery date and location to Geelong. This made me think I didnt actually want to go through with this so I cancelled a week before.

I still really wanted the surgery though so I contacted the cosmetic institute. I had already heard great reviews and looked at photos so ended up choosing Dr Kwok and booked my flights and accommodation Once my surgery was booked.

Yesterday I had my consultation with Dr Kwok and he was amazing! He helped me choose the size and was really funny. He made me feel so comfortable. When I walked out I was so glad I waited because this is how you should feel. 100% trust and certainty in your doctor.

Today I had the surgery...Dr Kwok played Drake as I was going under and all the staff were so sweet.

Wokeup to feeling like I had just had a chest work out. They gave me a lolly pop to wake me up...spent about 45mins in recovery and then mum took me back to the hotel.

Once the anesthetic wore off I was quite sore....actually very sore but took medication and fell asleep.

I woke up probably about 2 hours ago and feel pretty good. Just had some endone but not feeling too bad.

Ill keep you guys updated on my progress, I hope this helps.


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I had my surgery with Dr Kwok today too! He was awesome! I requested Beyonce so I had single ladies to fall asleep to! I found him funny and at ease which was exactly what I needed! I'm quite sore now to but not unbearable like I thought I would be as I have a pretty low pain threshold! Feeling like a positive mindset will help recovery become easier!

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Hi transformation88, it's awesome to hear that you had a positive experience with dr Kwok. 

i'm booked in with him on the 13th August...can't wait!!

It's really good to hear positive feedback from someone who has recently had surgery with him. 

Looking forward to hearing about your recovery :) 

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Hi Boobarella,
How exciting! What size are you thinking? Are you already in Sydney?
Dr kwok is sooooo good!
2nd day just wokeup...didnt sleep very well throught the night due to just not feeling comfortable.
Dr Kwok said I would be sorer today than yesterday and he is correct.
Though in saying this the pain is bearable and im still going to go for a quick shop today.....ha
I fly back to Melbourne on Sunday.

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I'm from Melbourne and I booked back to back consultation and surgery with Dr.Kwok on the 17th and 18th of July (EEK! It's this Friday and Saturday).

I've seen Dr. Kwok's work and I so relieved to hear that you felt comfortable with him :) Makes me feel so much more relaxed about it now. Also, definitely happy to know he takes song requests before going under! 

Also thinking of going a D-cup but my friends are all telling me that that might be a bit large. I'm around 170cm, weigh 57kg and am barely an A-cup. ): Still thinking about it as they are scared that it might change me as a person in a bad way.

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