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Reductions in Melbourne

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Hi All,

I am considering having a reduction as I've been suffering from neck & shoulder pains for many years. I'm hoping to hear from anyone who has had a reduction in Melbourne. What was your experience like? Do you recommend your surgeon?

Also, from what I've read, most of us with these kinds of pains really wish to go down to something quite small. However, it seems surgeons really struggle to recommend patients go less than a C or a D cup. I'm currently an E cup (154cm / 67 kilos)  I'd want to be a comfortable B, if I  end up with anything larger, just don't know it's worth the hassle.

Also, if anyone is happy to share their before/after pics, please feel free to private message me.

Thanking you in advance. 





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My advice would be to make sure you have a very open and frank conversation with your PS about whether they can meet your expectations.

I was a 10 G an my expectation was to be a C cup.  My PS said that a DD would suit me better.  We agreed on a D cup.  I am now a 10F.  My expectations were not met.  I had an awesome lift and they look amazing but they are not the size I wanted.  Since my surgery 7 months ago I've learnt a few things... If you want a large reduction you need to have the anchor and not the lollipop reduction.  That your surgeon can only take so much before he risks losing sensation, the over all aesthetic look and/or your blood supply to the tissue.  I've since had a second opinion to see if I could go smaller and both my original PS and the second PS have told me that I was never going to get below a D cup.  My back band size of 10 combined with my body shape and chest width meant that even after the reduction I was always going to be left with a large bust.

Honestly, I'm really happy with my result.  I love the look.... I struggle with the cup size but really that's just a number.

Hope some of this can help :)

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My advice would be to go and get a proper bra fitting to work out your exact (or close enough to) bra size. I own and run a bra store (and have had breast reduction myself) and often find that breast reduction patients are disappointed with their bra size post surgery. The main reason they are disappointed is due to the fact that they were actually wearing the wrong size bra pre surgery. 

Often large masses (eg 1kg+) can be taken out and women still left disappointed because it looks like they have gone from a E to a D, when they more realistically they were a G pre surgery.  

My suggestion would be to talk to your surgeon about possible weight/mass of tissue that they take out, and base your decision on that, rather than bra size. Which as we all know can vary depending on the brand or even the model within a brands range. 

Good luck! Breast reduction surgery is a life changing surgery. Almost all women I see in store that have had the surgery say 'I wish i'd done it earlier'. 

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