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Post op day 3 - fly home tomorrow - Dr MM

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I had my surgery on Tuesday and everything went smoothly.   Haven't been in too much pain and now completely off pain meds.   Still feeling tight and a bit of pressure but that is expected.  I still have a large amount of swelling.     I felt nauseous today at post op day 3 but I think that was from all the meds as I don't usually take anything and my stomach has become a little upset from being bombarded with antibiotics, muscle relaxants and pain meds etc.  I had post op consult yesterday and everything looks fine.   I was supplied with 2 black carefix bras at the hospital and at my post op consult I asked for a white one so I could wear lighter coloured clothes at work etc without a blak bra underneath.

post op day 1 both the hospital and Dr M's nurse called me to check on me.   

I got 295 anatomics under muscle with dual plane placement.   I'm 56kg and 164cam tall.   Breast fed two children.  Athletic in the sense that I usually run up to 7km per day so hence my decision to get 295cc.  I was a 10b but didn't fill cup and I think I will end up with a really full C cup.   I'm completely happy with everything and looking forward to fully healing and seeing the final result,  

dr M would like to see me at 6 - 8 weeks post op so I will fly down for that.  I can do consult by phone but any excuse for a trip to Sydney is good enough for me. 

not looking forward to the 4 hour flight with two kids but I have my hubby and mum to help on the flight so it should be fine.  

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