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5 months post op very tender!


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Hi All,,

  I posted a few weeks ago as I had burning pain in both breasts.. this has stopped but I have very sore feeling like bruising  to touch with out there being a visable  bruise ( hope that makes sense).

My Dr said nothing to worry about and should settle and so did the DRs on here BUT this cant be normal or nothing to worry about? 

I had CC with my last implants but that developed after about 15 yrs  so I don't think this is the problem  they haven't changed in look at all.  Not sure if they may be D & F some more? my first BA I didn't have anything like this...  These Implants are under the muscle and the others were over so maybe its still the nerves regenerating.. 

I just wonder if anyone has experienced this as well  or any advise.   Normal sleep is a thing of the past :(



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