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Check List - Have i got everything


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Hey Ladys so iv started getting my bag packed 11 days until we leave and i just wanted to give you a list of what i have and if you can let me know any extra just so im prepared :)

-Travel Pillow

-Small mink blanket (for the plane and hospital)

-3 x post op bras


-Loose clothing, yoga pants, flowy dresses, comfy shorts to wear around resort, floppy hat

-Dry Shampoo


-Power Board and power point converter

-Document Folder

-Money Belt

-Sleeping eye masks

-Toiletries - Body wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, Sunblock, Toothbrush, paste & mouth wash, Coconut oil, Face wash, lip balm, deodorant, basic makeup, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins & head band

-Hospital bag

-Hot water bottle (For my lower back while sleeping sitting up)

-Silk robe above the knees (to help slide in and out of bed)


Would love to hear any other ideas or anything iv missed xx

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I think your set and I think you are there now? So this might be a bit late. I loved my hot water bottle and you can get anything you left behind at The Big C in Jungceylon.  Ahh there is a top I didnt get a chance to go back and buy at one of the shops :(...

I stocked up on slabs of water brought from the 7-11 closest to my hotel. The Senses Resort has the best breakfast! You can get fresh made juice, watermelon & pineapple. Room service food is nice and same with their restaurant.

I didnt like Patong and moved to Club Med in Kata for the second week... it was a little better,  but Club Med was great. In saying that, theres plenty to do ! Oh if you want to go to the weekend markets or Central Festival ( I thought they were Ok but a few girls really liked them) you can catch a bus from anywhere on the beach road ( just wave it down) and then get off at Central Festival and walk about a km down the road)...

Enjoy relaxing, shopping, eating, and relaxing some more !! PIAC try really hard for everything to be easy for you so its good :). Is your boyfriend going to stay at the hospital with you overnight ?

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Hey lov, not there yet fly out this Saturday coming :)

yeap partner will be staying with me :)


Oh yaaaaay that's good to hear about the sense! I'll be there on my 2nd week. Was the shopping good?

How come you didn't like patong?

I'll be at deevana plaza 1st week it was cheaper and thought I'd have that one 1st as I loose a day there from flying in plus will be at the hospital for a night.

is it easy to get around?

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Oh haha, sorry I should have looked at your ticker. The shopping good, but lots of repetition on the streets. The street stalls have heaps of dresses,tops, fake handbags, fake nikes, and for guys lots of fake brand name t-shirts,singlet tops, boss wireless speakers, fake nikes for them too. Shopping in Jungceylon & Central is good. There are lots of shops & restaurants on the way to the Beach or mall from Deevana.

I didn't like the smell of Patong, the dirty streets, rubbish everywhere and being hassled all the time. A lot of the infrastructure seems really old even though I know a lot has been replaced since the Tsunami. Its easy to get around within Patong but you have to get a taxi or organise a transfer to do touristy things. They dont have a direct public transport route from beach to beach.  I think its because there are so many nicer places in Thailand to enjoy the beautiful beaches and reefs but having to stay in Phuket for the PIAC guarantee was annoying but then again it probably is a good thing to encourage us to actually relax and not over do it ! I just wanted to go exploring and day trips to the islands were not enough because I wanted to stay there. Anyway, I had heaps of fun and lots of mocktails. The cocktails are soo cheap and endless !


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Ahhh glad the shoppings good hahah. Yeah i heard it has a bad smell. I have 4 days before surgery to do some exploring :) plus my agent has sorted me a private driver, the one she uses soo that's a bonus!

did you go out at night?

Waaaah that I won't be aloud to drink, such a bummer oh well rather be safe than sorry.... dum that patong dirty :/ how far away are other destinations that are cleaner?

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Everything is pretty close actually, the islands are close to, even if you head up North to Khao Sok National Park to do rafting down the river or staying on the floating cabins ^_^ Having a driver  is the best way as they can give you local knowledge and you get a better experience of everything.

Yea, we met up with some friends at Illuzion show & discoteque? which was different but fun & Higher Restaurant which is a nice rooftop restaurant/club where you can eat with views of the city and also watch the dance floor...and a few smaller places but I dont know their names but they were more cocktail bars... also went to a rasta bar on the beach. Oh and we went to a bar in Jungceylon which was nice.. I dunno its name but theres a strip of restaurants and bars there that are nice...

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