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Agent vs PIAC


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Hey Everyone. 

So I decided to aim for an agent here in NZ to go through for my BA. 

All was fine and well, and I like the price, so went ahead and requested to book for 1st November with Dr Boonchai.

Then comes the invoice for the 'booking' fee which wasn't included in original price, and because it seemed like I was paying to cover transfers, my booking, my one night stay at PIAC, I was like that's a pretty good deal! 

My partner and I then did some more research before paying and discovered that PIAC covers the transfers, booking etc regardless for FREE anyway! 

So I've been slapped with a $500 bill for something I can do myself. 

Would you go with agent or direct? Are there any true benefits with an agency? I'll be travelling with my partner so no group tours needed. 


Thanks ladies 

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I booked direct with PIAC and did not have any issues. I went with my hubby so didn't feel the need to go through an agency. If l went alone l would go with one because it would of been a pretty lonely experience otherwise.  Others have said if there are issues later on it is easier if you have an agency to follow up for you but l have found them to be great with post op follow up when l had an minor issue when l got home. So l guess it's up to you! Good luck. :)

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I know of one forum member who went with "Sonmio" (spelling???). When her breasts bottomed out she got a review very quickly, and an outcome offered within weeks of her complaint- which was 4 months or so post op. Us other girls that had issues had to wait for about 9 months for a review. I was chatting to one of the girls online and PIAC apparently always sorts the issues with a year. 

At the end of the day, having an agent isn't going to stop a complication from happening- thats all in the surgeons hands on the day. Considering that you are going with a surgeon with a zero complication rate so far is a very good sign. It just changes how long it takes to resolve if you do have an issue. 

I found the PIAC post op agent, Lotte to be very kind and efficient. She has a REALLY crap job dealing with angry, depressed people- I know I was that person from time to time. I got an outcome in the end though and I didn't have an agent. 

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I went direct and found the whole process very smooth and easy. PIAC were very response throughout planning, all the pick ups and drop offs were really convenient and when I had queries post op, they were really helpful and even followed up with me when they hadn't heard from me for a while. When I went in for my follow up consult, there was a couple in the waiting room with an agency chick and she was playing with her phone the whole time and didn't seem to add any value. I agree with Gabby - I'd probably use an agency if I was going on my own but otherwise I wouldn't.

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