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Who's not a straight forward BA in August


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1 week tomorrow until my surgery on the 4th August.    I'm so excited.  

Im just wondering how many August ladies are not straight forward BA ? But who have decided to have only the implants ? 

Im unsure on how many cc's I'll be having but am hoping to go from an A- C/D. I'm having anatomical's, dual plane.  My surgeon is confident that it will correct the asymmetry, & very borderline, mildly tuberous titties that I currently have from Breast feeding 2 kids. I am also a little droopy on the left side, so I'm a little nervous about how they will turn out without having a lift aswell. But I trust my surgeon so Fingers crossed.     

Any other ladies in a similar boat ? 


Oh & is there An August Facebook group ?   

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Not a straightforward BA here either, booked in for Aug 5. But I'm having a lift (droop is quite severe after 3 children with breastfeeding so will get the rebates hopefully), while correcting asymmetry, areola reduction, and round textured implants under the muscle to fill out the upper pole. Not sure on size as he will use a sizer during surgery then use what he thinks fits best, but he's thinking around 225cc to achieve a large C / small D cup.

Nervous but excited :)

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