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Looking for advise on surgeons

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Hi Sarahp ,

That's a very broad question you have there..........

Do you mean 'Gold Coast' area specific facelifts?

If you mean facelift in general - where do you want to start? Fillers, partial lifts, mid faces, SMAS lift, French/mid lift, thread lift, upper brow, neck, jowl, cheek or chin implants.the list is endless as are the prices...

If you look at your face like a house in need of some renovs'...where do you start? Roof, gutters, window frames, brickwork, yadder yadder

There are many threads here on the forums to read, you'll forgive me if In reluctance to regurgitate the same posts i've made about my own facelifts over the years here






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To clear up any confusion... plastic surgeons on the Gold Coast ... not thread lifts or brow lifts... If anyone has any helpful information on face lifts it  would be very much appreciated

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