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3 Days Post - right brest no pain, Left one is so intense


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Hey Ladies, 

I just need confirmation that this feeling I am getting is completely normal..

I went to the cosmetic institute on Monday the 27th July for a BA with Dr. Jim Kenny. My experience with him was great and he was very professional. Im just concerned  that something is wrong with my left breast because my right breast has pretty much all feeling back and i am able to lift my arm above my head but the left breast i pretty much constantly have a really sharp shooting pain through my nipple and side...

Has anyone else experienced this and if so what should I do?


Thanks xx 

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Hi ambz-xx,

Firstly congratulation on your new boobs ?! Secondly, if you only had them done on Monday you are not allowed to be lifting your arms above your head. It's three weeks for that so you don't cause any damage of the pocket - think of all the stitches trying to heal as you then lift your arm and pull them internally - big no no. I'm surprised you didn't see that in your post op notes? 

The pain you are feeling is normal, it's your nerves. It's two separate surgeries and thus two separate recoveries. They will both feel and heal differently as time goes on. This is also in your post op notes, I'm a bit concerned you don't have your notes? I can dig up a copy of you like? 

I hope you have a nice speedy recovery xx

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Every surgeon has a different method of recovery that works best with their procedure. TCI's is categorically no lifting your arms above shoulder height for three weeks. It can damage your healing. I'm sure for others it's no problem depending on their surgery but all us TCI girls had to pretend we were T-Rex's for three weeks ? 

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