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Guess size of my wish pic please :)

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I agree with 40something they look like a D. i guess depending on her size before and placement id say about 375-400cc?? I got 330cc overs and they dont look quiet that big. Send the pic to your surgeon, thats what i did. By the end she had about 10 pics id sent her lol

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I wouldn't be surprised if she wears a DD or even an E cup as augmented breast really do fit bras differently to natural breasts.

In terms of what cup size she looks like, I would say she looks like a D cup. Maybe 330cc-370cc, but it really depends on alot of things especially height.

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It's so hard to tell isn't it? I would say that is a D cup and minimum of 330cc depending on height and weight,

i had over 5 months between booking my surgery and it happening and it really made me go quite crazy obsessed.... In retrospect I never would have done it like that but it had to be that way due to annual leave etc 

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