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mid hospital cover

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I keep seeing everyone write that you have to have top phi cover to be able to claim the hospital fees for a tummy tuck. I've got mud hospital cover and received this email upon request last year. Still waiting till 12 months pass in October until I can get the surgery but I'm kind of worried that a year will pass and I won't be covered! Has anyone used mid hospital cover?                                                        "Thank you for your recent contact with nib.

I can confirm that medicare item numbers 30177 and 45520 are covered under Mid Hospital provided you have served the required waiting periods. Please be aware that if no medicare item is attached to the procedure (either because the procedure has been performed for cosmetic reasons, or is rejected by Medicare as there has been no acceptable medical reason for the procedure) then NO benefits are payable by the fund. 

I hope this email has helped."

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Hey bubbles89 reading that to me it seems that if you have a medicare item number on your invoice provided by your surgeon you will be partially cover. 

Please make sure you ask your surgeon about the other fees that are out of pocket for you..., anyone that will be assisting him/her with the surgery,all your post op appointments,post op garments. Make sure you get a complete out of pocket figure $$$$$

Good luck!!

Keep me updated?

Who is your surgeon??


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Mummaboobs do you mean my hospital fee will be partially covered or do you mean I'll be partially covered as I'll obviously still have to pay for the surgeons fee, anaesthetist fee and any garments? Because the only thing I'm counting on the phi fully (or at all) covering is the hospital fee. I'm going with Dr Mark Moore in Adelaide. TaTaTummyAndTaTas I'm insured with NIB. I was previously with medibank but I heard they were getting really strict so I switched. I'm praying they'll cover the hospital stay otherwise I won't be able to have the surgery :/

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