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Dr Jim Kenny


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Me too. Same day, same doc. Good luck. 

Hi ladies wondering if anyone has had breast implants from Dr Kenny before thank you. 

Hello, I have surgery with dr. Jim Kenny on the 25th of this month, & would like to know about other women that have had surgery with him too. 

Me too... On Tuesday. With doc Kenny. How are you feeling?

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Tomorrow at 12.30. I think I'm last. I'm going with 415cc I think. I did a rice test today and it should be okay. I am so nervous too.


OMG wow! I'm feeling ok about the op I think (for now) how are you feeling? Have they given you your time yet? What size are you thinking? 

Hi. I'm so scared. This is lifechanging. How are you feeling? I'm going in at 12.30pm. 415cc. I tried the rice test. Found it on Real Self where they give amounts of rice to put in the stocking to get the cc's.

Are you still up? I've cleaned the house thoroughly, cooked the boys' dinners for tomorrow and the day after.....I'm planning to watch TV for a few days.

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So sorry I didint get back to you I had a late flight last night, I went in @ 7:00am (first ?) I think all went well & am all ready very happy dr. Kenny Was amazing I went 450cc right & 485cc left. I had a bit of a walk around the shops after and feel fine ATM, sleeping is going to be hard! I also done a huge house clean & made hubs all his work food. I hope you are feeling ok :) 

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And I was last! We kept them back too because my sister couldn't find a park.

I'm in hardly any pain today. You must be okay too if you can make sangers and walk round the shops :)..I had a shower about an hour ago and put some normal clothes on (actually a top that used to hang loose at the front) and MAN I feel like such a hottie.even with the bra.

Sleep was good for me last night. 

They say if you've had kids the breast skin stretches easier and it isn't as painful. I took the codeine meds yesterday but opiates tend to 'block the drains' if you'll pardon the expression, so it's Panadol tonight.

Are you happy with your size? I'm hoping I don't shrink.

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I'm so glad you are happy with yours! I am over the moon with mine already & I'm loving the size, i don't think we will shrink once we drop & fluff we will look bigger...  ?

I just can't get over the change! Dr. Kenny is amazing, he lowered my left pocket & somehow lifted the right (with out a lift lift if you know what I mean?) I got dual plane & my nipples are now sitting even. 

I know what you mean about feeling like a hottie, day one post op I walked into a fancy bra shop just to have a look & she asked me if I'd like to be sized & she said I look lovely & busty ? from no boobs to "busty!" 

I even love the post opp bra because we have boobies with no under wire or padding!!! It's the best feeling ?

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Are you getting any FRANKENBOOB? Mine are today very high and curving like the Concorde.....

Have you put on any crazy weight? I'm a kilo heavier! What is that?

Were your implants textured? Mine were textured - textured allows them to stay sitting up rather than dropping too much - I am not a young woman and have breast fed one child so the idea was also to lift them a bit as I was slightly sagging.

I'm unable to go out yet - you must have a helper to drive? I haven't told a soul about my op - not even my kids - and have been hiding under woollies.



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