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Symastia Correction


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Hi Guys,

I have asked quite a lot I have mild symastia that was corrected in 2011 and still to this day I wear a bra or bikini and the skin raises only when wearing suppport when naked the skin looks great! My partner and I have discusses children in the next coming years (when we are a little older) I am looking into a new surgeon who can actually fix the problem, i remained the same size implant last time which i think has caused the skin never to stay down, I am looking at having corrections surgery and maybe a smaller implant but should I be sdoing this after children or before? because its a self confidence issue I would prefer to have it done sooner then later but dont want to spend $10,000+ and then have a baby and needs more work help!??

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Thanks heaps I live in QLD and have heard really good feedback about Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli and his amazing work on reconstruction. I am willing to pay the $$ and have the job done to perfection, not wasting anymore time on my surgeon nor any more money! I guess the surgeon will be the only one who tells me what is right and what is wrong with waiting or not. I am flying to sydney in October so I can make an appointment for then to see him and finally see what he is all about, symastia is very depressing and ruins all womens confidence. I am 24 and should be strutting down the beach in a bikini instead I wear baggy shirts. Personally would love to have them fixed now while I am young just dont want to waste money if children are planned shortly.

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