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Dr Boonchai girls


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Hey ladies,

I'm sort of new to this site. I've been researching for a while now and have finally booked in for a BA! I have one child whom I breastfed for 6 months and totally ruined my boobs so I can't wait to have my confidence restored!

After A LOT of research I have decided to go with Dr Boonchai in September. 

If any girls that have had a BA with Dr Boonchai can add me or comment below so I can add them it would be much appreciated! I'd love to see more of his results and what recovery was like etc.

thanks xo

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** Following** 

How exciting!! I just rebooked with Boonchai, I was supposed to be having surgery yesterday however unforeseen circumstances has had me reschedule to May next year! Also wanting to hear from Boonchai girls and see results as there doesn't seem to be too many photo's but there are amazing reviews! :) 


Will be looking forward to hearing your experience, it's not too far away :) x

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