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How long did unilateral/one-sided swelling take to resolve?


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Hi Girls,

I am two weeks post-op and my right breast still appears higher and more swllen and sore than my left. This has been the case since day 1.

I am aware this is considered normal I am just wondering are others experiencing this and feeling the same? when has this resolved for others? Are here are some people who have not had this resolve at all? 

I am always in a rush for everything but just need to put my mind at ease. 



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Hi Sagittarius,

Mine are exactly the same, my left breast is still higher than my right.  I saw my surgeon yesterday for my 4 week PO and she said it'll take up to 4 months for them to even out. My boobs were slightly different sizes anyway so i don't expect them to be identical but just want them a bit more even. Do you have pics? I have one on my profile where you can see the difference :)


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