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Rhinoplasty at Dermamed?? Dr Rod Aziz?


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Personally I had not heard of him. Have just done a search on his bio and he specialises in liposuction, fat transfer, face lifts, dermal injections, etc. You'll want to choose a surgeon that operates on noses 70-80% of the time if not more. Unfortunately I don't think he would be best suited to perform your surgery. If you went there he wouldn't say no or tell you this. End of the day it's up to the client to research different surgeons to achieve the best result. Is yours a primary or revision procedure? Names commonly mentioned on here and well renowned are Ian Carlisle, Perry Burstin, Stephen Kleid, Andrew Greensmith and Tony Holmes. There may be a few others but they are the one's commonly spoken of for rhino's with many positive reviews. Hopefully you find the right surgeon for you. I'm still in the process of having consultations with the above mentioned surgeons. 

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I am 6 months post op, having had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Kleid, i can't speak highly enough of him and my whole experience. He is just such a talented surgeon in this area, and got me breathing again after my first rhinoplsty (with another plastic surgeon) resulted in a collapsed bridge. I really love that he is only one of a few ENT surgeons who understands the importance of achieving both long term function and desired cosmetic appearance.

Good luck


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