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so many questions! size, exercise, physical work post op.


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Im booked in to get my breast aug end of sept. 

Im 5'8 62kg broad chest 12 A but but don't fill it. Surgeon recommends 400-450cc no smaller than 350 as im very broad. Under muscle as i have next to no breast tissue to cover it. Not sure if high or moderate + profile. He said to trust in him to figure out what will give me best result on the day as I'm totally confused! Its so hard to tell from the sizers. I don't want big boobies i just want to be in proportion. 

Q 1. Anyone completely flat chested and broad had a 400 + cc and what cup size did you end up with? I don't want to go from being too small to fit bras to being too big that i have to go to a speciality bra shop lol. 

Q 2. Im pretty keen on exercise and thinking about studying to be a pt. Has anyone continued to do chest exercises after and to what extent? Or do i stop all together? I've Read conflicting info.

Q 3. Im currently working as a cleaner just 2hrs per day but have to wear a backpack vacuum for 1hr of that and mop for another hr. Also lifting filling/emptying heavy buckets of water. Ive told my employer i will need 3-4 weeks off. Do you think that will be enough or should i take longer? 

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Hi Shanshan

I am just over 3 weeks post op and was completely flat chested, also quite broad due to a lot of weight training, I got 325cc high profile and think I will end up a 12D or a large C. 

I plan to return to my full exercise regime including chest training from 6 weeks post op as per my Surgeon's advice. He's happy for me to walk or cycle in the interim.

i have taken 4 weeks off work and am glad I did. I'm still quite sore at times and try not to reach too far. Tonight I couldn't lift a pot of boiling water off the stove so happy baby did it for me. Everyone's recovery is different but you don't want to compromise your results by lifting too soon. 

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hi  there

I also clean for work..self employed and clean houses ( 9 a week) I do around 20 hours a week

my surgeon has told me at least 2-3 weeks .. I am planning 3 weeks ( around 24 days ) and ive planned it for week before xmas so im only having an extra week off as every year I have 2 weeks off and my clients know this and usually cancel that time of year anyway

im also into weight training and been told to wait 4 weeks until I use any small weights before that only lower body exercises or walking cycling etc

it will be months before I resume my current training regime but im ok with that ..

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I went from a B cup to an E/F cup with 415/450 cc. Bras that are an E cup and up are not hard to find these days, bras and things, big W all stock them. Also I have never found my new boobs to interfere with training. Go the 450's honestly. I have a BA instagram account  and I have advised so many girls to go the bigger option when they are in doubt and they end up going the smaller option and a lot of them regret it straight away! It's frustrating lol and sad for them :( 

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