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Has anyone had any experience with Dr Peter Riddell?

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Bit late to this forum but I am currently being operated on under him.. so far, not impressed. Five surgeries for a 'common' disease that is just 'difficult'. It seems that just because of my age, 22, I'm seen as healthy enough to heal by myself. I had a pilonidal cyst in 2011, had 2 surgeries in general practice before being referred to Dr.Riddell in 2015. So far he has completely butchered my bottom that even sitting is noticeably different and uncomfortable. After the same story every time.. Not healing, but it's clean, no other reason it shouldn't be healing, I'm "young, fit, healthy". Just saw him the other day and he tells me my only options are a 6th surgery to cut it all back open, clean/cut it out AGAIN, or just leave it and live with it. In pain, discharging, and an 3 small open wounds. Thanks, Doc.


Im going to be going to a different doctor at a different hospital from now on.

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A question was asked some time ago if some one had any experience with Dr Peter Riddell.

At the time I had been  referred to him by my excellent  local GP for surgery for a Frontal Scalp Nodulocystic Basal Cell Carcinoma. My local GP held a very high opinion of his ability as a plastic surgeon so I visited him at his surgery in Portland. My first impression on meeting the grey wavy haired smiling Dr Peter Riddell was that he was very patient to put up with me, a 94 year old retired farmer. On inspecting the growth in the fore part of my cranium he informed me it should be removed as it would continue to grow into my skull if it had not already done so. A skin graft would be required from my leg to enable the skin to grow together over my scalp. On further examination of my body he detected another growth on my left lower eyelid of which I was completely unaware. On further examination no more abnormalities could be found on my body. He informed me that due to my age the whole procedure would have to be done with a local anesthetic. He had his staff draw up a date for the operation to take place at the Portland and District Hospital. As far as I was concerned yesterday was far too late for the operation to take place!

The 20th of October duly arrived. I experienced no pain during the removal of the cyst near my eye, only a scary visual of how close the various instruments were to my eye.

   However when the time came to remove the growth on my head it was a different matter as I would say the pain was about 7 to 8 out of 10.  As mentioned Dr Riddell had warned me before the operation that a skin graft would be required, however it turned out no skin graft had been necessary due to Dr. Riddells expertise in suturing (Stitching) the 15 mm wound up. When the sutures were removed by the Nursing Sister at a later date I estimated there were about 40 to 50 or more sutures in the dish. As he took such great care to detail on the top of my head it was as smooth as a Babies Buttock. My wife who has excellent eyesight informs me she cannot see any scar tissue. I was very impressed with what a great Plastic surgeon he is.

            My thanks also to the Portland & District Hospital and the wonderful Theater staff.

  Yours sincerely, Les Polack          

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