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Dr Dash @ TCI. Any advice?

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum. 

Have been tossing around the idea of getting implants for years but never thought I would be able to afford it, and having kids I always tend to put myself last, but now after doing some research, my husband has said he wants me to feel good about myself so we can find a way to make it happen.

So I have booked my initial consultation at The Cosmetic Institue at Bondi, and will be seeing Dr Dash.

Firstly, has anyone had a procedure done by him? The website says he specialises in reconstructive surgery so I think he will do a good job, but would love to hear from anyone who has work by him.

And although I have done my research, I have nooo idea about sizes. I am currently a 12A, and dont really even fit that. I am 28 and am about 175 cms tall and weigh 65 kilos, so I am sometimes a size 8 or other times a size 10 in pants, but tops normally a 6 to 8.

I want to achieve a full D cup, could you recommend what size implants? 

I like the round shape, but dont know what the high profile, etc means?


Any help would be much appreciated. I know all this would be covered in the consult, but all you ladies have a lot of experience so would love to hear from you!!



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Hi hun, my suggestion is to look on instagram #tcidrdash and see all the photos that come up.
If you look into the comments under his photos, some girls are making accouts that you can follow and
see their personal journeys. Id def recommend looking at this forum and the different threads on here, I was booked into
TCI and have since cancelled after reading everything about their clinic. Also I realised they are not actual Plastic surgeons, they are just cosmedic, while some girls look amazing, there is a thread on here with a lot of girls needing revision surgery from there BA with TCI. Goodluck xxxx

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Thanks for the replies :)

have been busy googling his name all day and have read some positive things, but will now have a look at instgram too, so thanks for that.

Two friends have mine have been to TCI and are really happy with the results. I have heard a lot of feedback about them, and it seems the good out weighs the bad (atleast to me), so am pretty confident with the decision. I am really nervous, but i think i would be no matter who was doing it.

Could you help me out with some sizes? From what i have read, i am thinking a 350cc maybe? But as i said, i dont know much about how the sizes work.

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Sooooo I have longer to wait for my consult now.

I rang TCI this morning to see if they could give me a few surgery dates they had available so I could speak to my boss and get my holidays sorted out. Turns out he only has december 7 available, which i know i wont be able to get 3 weeks off leading up to christmas (i work in hospitality), and then they wont be taking any more patients until mid january.

So i will now be seeing dr lee, who had a cancellation first week of november for a surgery date, and my consult is now on 27th of october.

I am bummed now because i have to wait a bit longer for the initial consult, but over the moon that i pretty much have a surgery date locked in.

Have now been researching dr lee and all his work looks amazing to me, so overall i am very happy with the decision to switch doctors.

Will see my boss tomorrow so i hope he is understanding and will approve my time off!!

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Hey there,

I am 3 weeks Post Op, Dr Dash was my surgeon.

He is such a lovely man, had a good laugh with him, he loves to joke around. He covered everything sooo well that I had no questions at ask. I would go back to him in a heart beat with any problems/ more surgery.

I had 485cc moderate profile dual plane. I didn't want the high look, I wanted my fake boobies to look as natural as possible. I am only 3 weeks now so still have a lot of dropping to do, but they look really natural. My incision scars are great also, small straight lines that are heeling well.

I believe that Dr Dash is worth the wait :) He also use to work in Hobart, which is where I live :)

Any questions, just ask. XX

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