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Fighting Frizz! keratin help

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All up ive had 3 keratin treatments. Twice brazilian blowout zero at marc azzi in sydney and then most recently nano keratin.

My 1st treatment using the zero worked really well. I went back the 2nd time and it was pretty average. Dont know why it didnt work. Nano pretty much did nothing after 4 weeks it was gone!

Any recommendations of which brand to use? Anyone heard of Amazonian? Or had any luck with bhave? I know Valonz in paddington also uses Brazilian blowout zero...so mayne i should give it another shot?

Being south american i have that nightmarish hair! Im so sick of whipping out the hair iron! 

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I had mine done about 3.5 weeks ago and my salon used a product which I THINK was called CocoChoco... Not being able to tie my hair back for 3 days was the hardest part. It's definitely smoother and softer (I had blonde dyed very thick coarse hair) but I can already tell it isn't going to last more than about 2.5 to 3 months which is a bit disappointing.... 

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Thabk you ladies. Agreed, it is also how well the hairdresser applies it.

Ive heard that choco coco (spelling??) is not as strong. Well not for my hair type anyway. There are so many brands out there!

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