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Boobie day.

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Helloooo :) 

thanks so much for the kind messages to those who sent me them. as per doctors orders I stayed off social forums last night before I became a crazy person (lol jokes I became a crazy person weeks ago but I still stayed off the forums)

So I check in to the hospital at 9:30 this morning. I am suprisingly really calm... I have a feeling the week leading up to this day  was the worst of it.  

I saw my ps again last night, they knew how much I was freakinf out and actually asked me if I wanted to cancel and get a complete refund because they saw how panicked I was becoming. When I was asked that question I was at the brink of tears and protested a big no! I think when that happened i really came to terms with the fact this is something I want, something I've been wanting for a long time and although I've started hating the idea of it from my vigerous research and forum reading I still wanted to do it, even when given the opportunity to back out right now and get my money back. 

Dr jake lim is so hard on the exterior but so compassionate. The fact he was going to let me cancel less then 24 hours before my surgery with a full refund only showed me that he has my best interests at heart and isn't purely in his job for the incentive of money. 

I I had a dream last night my implants got put in the wrong way and I had scars on the top of my boobs and they fell to the sides every time I walked. So that was awkward but let's hope the real thing is much different haha. 

Will come back to this thread once the deeds been done and will post how I'm doing :) 

xxxxx ?

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Hello ladies! 


Im currently still at hospital and feeling drunk lol. 

My boobies aren't hurting but they are very tight. I was so calm the entire day I was so blah zay about it all. So weird huh. 

Boobies r looking freaking huge haha but I know they will go down immensely. I'm scared of going home and the local wearing off I'm enjoying this no pain thing. My day was super long I got here at 9:30 and won't be discharged until 6:30. Woah. 

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