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Help! BA wanted under $10K - who to choose?!

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I need some advice please!

I've had 3 consults so far and thought I had picked my surgeon (Dr Blackstock at Enhance Clinic Penrith) but I just read heaps of bad reviews and now I'm really scared to go there!  I've seen heaps of good posts on TCI but with all of the recent news stories I'm scared to go there too!

Basically, I would really like to keep the cost under $10K.  Happy to travel but again would like to keep it under $10K total.  I live in Melbourne - has anyone got any good suggestions??  I've trawled through millions of posts but can't make up my mind who to consult with.  Each consult costs a lot so I really want my next one to be the one!

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know :)

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