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Sleeping on belly

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Ladies! Last night I went out and drank waaay to much and somehow managed to fall asleep on my belly. Problem is ive not only woken up with a hangover from hell but my boobs have been aching all day 😣 Would I have done any damage?

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I doubt you've done damage, hopefully the soreness has subsided.

I had my BA done months ago and I still cannot sleep on my belly and I've just come to the conclusion I am destined for ***** sleep forever. To be honest I haven't had a good night sleep since I got my BA. Eh it's a nightmare! I try to use pillows but I dunno- I always end up waking up on my stomach basically planking on my boobs. 

I am am going to invent some sort of boob pillow if I don't find a comfy way to sleep lol 



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