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Ruptured Implant. Does private medical or Medicare pay anything.

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I have a ruptured implant and have pain all the time. I am thinking to see Dr Mark Lee. Does anybody know if Medicare or Medibank will cover any of the cost considering that it is causing pain and an Ultra Sound confirmed that the one implant ruptured. I have a reference from my GP.

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Hi dollyangel :)

can I ask he long you have had your implants and what kind?


Re what Medicarr and private health insuranve cover - it's not a percentage, its a set dollar amount for the corresponding Medicare item number.

If you don't already have private health insurance, all funds will impose a 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions. So you could either get top cover and wait the 12 months :S  then private health will cover the hospital fees, the replacement implant, and along with Medicare the Medicare item number scheduled benefit (dollar amount) for both the surgeon and anaethetist but you pay the 'out of pocket' for both the surgeon and anaesthetist (basically whatever they charge above the scheduled benefit - and generally this makes up most of the total surgery costs).

I would recommend discussing at the consultation what your options are because it might not be a good idea to wait

All the best sweetie :)

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