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Best compression piece after TT

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I wore the marena bodysuit (short length) to bed. I found that had the best compression.

I would wear it during the day when I wasn't back at work and in tight clothes.

I was given a basic white wrap around binder which also does the trick.

I tried spanx / target brand high cut knickers and they compressed but weren't comfortable and so hard to take off to go to the toilet! that was the best thing about the marena - it has a 'hole' and the wrap around one mean you can just wear knickers.

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I have a white wrap around one which ive been wearing to bed. Dr provided. But since taping was taken off cpl days ago im finding its rubbing on incision line. I also was given one that is like a body suit and sits under boobs. Im going to wear to bed from now on and also ive been wearing during day.


I have had a lot of swelling on outer thighs so also bought one that goes down to knees too. Its working as swelling reducing. But can feel a bit hot. Not too bad. I bought from a company called precise medical supplies.  $95. I think. But other 2 provided by dr.


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