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Hi Meeks, I'm one week PO of having two implants (the screw part) placed in my front lower jaw. Long story short, I ended up with a superbug that infected my gums and ate away my jaw bone, so the teeth were so loose they had to come out. So I had 4 teeth out last Melbourne Cup day, and had been wearing a plate with the missing teeth on it ever since.

Well a week ago I had two implants placed and the gum cut into flaps and stitched back over. I had the proceedure done under concious sedation, or a high dose of ativan. The clinic were really lovely, they gave me the meds and put me in a quiet room to drift off. I dont remember anything after that except being aware of a blue sheet over my eyes (surgical drape) and someone asking me to open wider. Next thing I knew, my dad was there to pick me up.

I'm not going to lie, I'm in a world of pain. Possibly even worse than when I had my BA. I'm not sure if it seems worse because its in your skull/jaw area, but with my boobs I was kinda able to ignore it a bit. I guess it's kind if like a broken bone, in terms of healing, rather than soft tissue/muscle like boobs. All i know is at the moment I'm still too sore to wear my plate. And I wont be getting the crown parts for another three months. I'll update more as I start healing. Any questions fire away, I'll do my best to answer

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