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Kimberley Anne

Post breastfeeding journey with Your Breast (Melbourne)

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Hi Ladies,

I had a breast augmentation (+ one side lift) with Your Breast (the new arm of the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery for breast augmentations) 8 weeks ago and I felt compelled to write a review. I've been scrolling through this forum for quite a while now and have always been a "watcher" but now that i'm post surgery, i wanted to share my experience.

I am from the Gold Coast and had been contemplating an augmentation for over 18 months. I've done about half a dozen consults and been quoted everywhere from $5k through to $14k for the procedure. I wasn't sure why the quotes were so different (!) - until i did my own research into the qualifications of some 'surgeons' and their clinics. I knew I wanted to see a qualified plastic surgeon with decades of experience and not just a cosmetic 'doctor'. Since seeing the media backlash on certain clinics recently, i'm so glad that i did that research for myself.

Being a young family (three kids under the age of four, including twins) - cost was a factor that i had to take into consideration. I had done a consult with the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery (MIPS) about 12 months ago and the quote was 'ball park figure'. But when i read an article in the Herald Sun a few months ago about the new Your Breast arm of the MIPS that announced that the team of qualified plastic surgeons had dropped their prices - i jumped on the phone that day. They had dropped their prices to start at $6,950 and there were 6 different (highly qualified) surgeons to choose from. Decision made.It was cheaper for me to fly to Melbourne and get the procedure done.

For me personally - i had come off the back of breastfeeding three children within 19 months. My breasts had lost all volume and my right side was droopier than my left (a result of feeding twins for over 9 months and one of them being hungrier than the other!) It wasn't just the physical aspect of wanting my breasts 'back to normal' - it was about getting my confidence back within my womanly self and infront of my husband. I had never had any cosmetic work done before and to say i was nervous - would be a massive understatement! I was petrified. But, i knew I wanted this.

The moment i did my first consult with Your Breast - those feelings of anxiety were replaced with excitement. I knew i was in capable hands, their state-of-the-art facility was amazing and everyone from the reception staff, cosmetic photographer, personal assistants and the surgeons themselves were fantastic. 

I ended up getting my surgery done with Dr Andrew Greensmith and i'm now 8 weeks post surgery and you can't wipe the smile off my face. It is hands down, the best decision i've ever made and i haven't looked back once. 

The level of service i received was five-star, the surgery itself was remarkable, the post operative care has been fantastic and i feel "whole" again. I've got a new sense of life about me and as their surgery is so competitively priced, I do feel like this journey for me - was simply meant to be.

I went from a barely there "A cup" to a decent "C cup" and i can't describe the feeling of simply being able to wear a "t-shirt" without feeling like a "boy!" In all of my consults, i made it clear from the outset that i wanted a completely "natural look" (I'm a mum afterall....!!) And based on that, every surgeon immediately said to me that i'd have to go for an "anatomical" shape implant (a tear shape). But Dr Greensmith was the only surgeon to tell me otherwise. And, i'm so glad i listened to him! As i had lost all volume - i needed the round implant to atleast give me some shape up the top of my breast - so it filled out properly. He said the round would actually give me the most natural look - and when i look at my breasts now - it was one of the key decisions in this whole process and i'm so glad he gave me that recommendation! He also said it would solve the bulk of my "lift" problems once it was filled out correctly and as it turned out (yet again) he was correct and i only ended up having to get a small lift on my right side. 

For any mums out there wanting to regain their womanly sense of self back after pregnancy, weightloss or breastfeeding - i can highly recommend Your Breast. You get to choose from 6 different highly qualified plastic surgeons (not cosmetic doctors) and be assured of the highest standard of practice and safety in every procedure. Plastics Surgeons have received a bit of "flack" in the media lately for being 'over priced'. Well, this team of surgeons has joined forces to combat that and i can say that it's the best money i have ever spent. 




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So good to hear a review about your breast! How do you find the round implant in comparison to tear drop? I really want a natural appearance as well and keep coming back to your breast as they're one of the few places that offer 3D imaging as well as tear drop and round implant choice. Do you mind sharing some photos? Thank you :) 

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