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Bras For Big Boobies & 6 Weeks Post Op

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Hey Babes

I am currently 6 weeks post op. I was advised by Dr Lee at TCI to avoid an underwire or push up bra for 6 months after surgery. Has anybody else been advised this & do the wires move the implants if worn to early? I am also struggling to find swimmers or bras in my size. I am a 10E sometimes an F cup and no bras accomodate for a small frame & a big cup & swimmers I just have no idea what size to get a size 14 fits my cup but won't fit my back. HELPPPP 😭😭



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Im a 10e/f.  I got maternity bras in Myers they are super comfy and have no wires and they have lots of hooks on the strap to fit little frame big boobs.  They are not big granny bras they are quite pretty.

Bikinis I get mine from sea folly,you buy bottoms and tops separate and I get the ones that look more like a crop top, again super comfy and they have ones with mesh on them so they look a bit more sexy.

Hope that helps

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ASOS have a really great range of swimmers in small size/large cup size (I'm a 10F). Wire free bras that aren't maternity in a larger cup size virtually don't exist (I mean they're out there online, but the selection isn't great). I've been living in my Post op bras & wire free sports bras until I get the OK for wire.

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