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Dr. Shaz Musavi - Lipo Help and reviews

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Can anyone share their experience with Dr. Shaz Musavi from the Australia Cosmetic Clinic? I'm looking to do lipo on my abs and flanks with him but can't find to many reviews or photos. I know they use laser lipo but do they do this in conjunction with tumescent anesthesia? ACC's prices are so cheap compared to a lot of other places in Sydney I have called around to as well, is this really bad? Is he board certified? 

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Hi there 


I would not recommend him as a surgeon. I'm assuming the board you are talking about is FRACS. Fellow of the Australasian Association of Cosmetic Surgeons? 


I had lipo done last year and was not happy with the end results, it's like nothing has been done and I was expecting greater results as I exercise twice a day and am strict with diet. 


My my scars from the surgery are hideous and after several attempts at asking for advice and rectification on both the fact that I was unhappy with the result and scarring, I have not heard back from the Dr. 


The reception staff and anaesthetist are all lovely but as far as the surgery goes with lipo, let's just say he's cheap for a reason! 

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Yes I did and am really disappointed ! I had my surgery 6 weeks ago - waste of money at this stage!!!!!!! I had upper , lower abdomen, flanks (hips) and inner thighs!!! Seriously if anything people are asking if I've put on weight....!!!! I would've been better spending money on a personal trainer and improving the areas that I can improve rather than waste money on what I've done.. So disappointed..

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I have also had liposuction this year to my flanks, upper and lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs ($8K). I had a similar experience as above. My results were good for about 4-weeks (except my stomach looked VERY strange). It has now been 5-months and I have almost regained all of the weight back, which I thought was impossible. I look the almost the same as pre-surgery. I am also fit (dancer) and eat well (vegetarian).

I also confronted the clinic. Dr Shaz was very responsive to my complaints. I was told that I would receive complimentary follow-up treatment, so we will see what happens after that. I did request my procedural records. 

I would say that for general weight loss it is not worth it. Only for stubborn, exercise resistant genetic anomaly areas. In retrospect I would have just treated my outer thighs (anomaly areas) and kept the remaining $5K for something more fruitful. 


Pic 1- Pre surgery (flat, even tummy)

Pic 6-8- (in Red) Four Weeks post surgery (definite improvement in lower body, still some fat on the hips but overall good).

Pic 2- 5: (in black) Six Weeks post (getting worse, more weight accumulating)

Pic 9-13  : Four months Post Surgery (back to square 1 with a less flat tummy than before, outer thigh remains improved but is getting fatter).

Pics 14-15: More Pre-Surgery pics, just in case you missed my point on how pointless lipo really is. 

Pic 16-17: My most banging outcome, after the removal of the compression garments at about 6-weeks. Too bad I did not stay like that or it would have been worth the money.



















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