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Hi ladies,

It has been a while since i have been active on here (mainly because i hate changes and the site changed dramatically and had issues logging in) ... Thought i would write up a post regarding post 12 months. I am actually very very very happy with my boobs and i can't believe it has been over 12 months now since the first operation. I am so happy and don't regret spending the extra amount to go to a plastic surgeon. Throughout the year and a bit Dr Dona and his staff have been lovely to deal with and his bedside manners were very professional.

I am actually very sad that i don't have to visit Dr Dona anymore :unsure: i felt a bit upset when he said that's it this is the last time we see each other. He has been very friendly, kind and informative and despite all my questions he was also very patient and answered every single one.


Now every time i look at my post op boobs and compare with my new boobs i honestly can't believe the amazing transformation and how amazingly voluptuous my figure looks now. I can't thank Dr Dona enough for what i ended up with i feel really beautiful! Ever since i got them i can't help staring at myself when i see my reflection walking past a store :lol:

To all the ladies considering getting their boobs done, i promise it is worth every dollar. Just a word of advice which is common on here make sure you go the largest size they offer you  (that is the only thing i regret not doing).

I am hoping to see him again one day in the future when i start to age and things go south it will be a new excuse for larger!

Oh and forgot to mention that i got to my originally dreamed size  which is 10E (first bra fitting was 10E and has remained 10E since). 

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Great to hear that you're so happy with your outcome, I have thought about having BA for a loooong time and it's well overdue! I'm really looking forward to being on the other side of the surgery though and reading things like this just really cements in my mind that it is all going to be worthwhile physically, financially and emotionally!!! 

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Hey ladies,

No worries just wanted to give you insight... I remember how daunting it was to make that leap.

I had toyed with the idea for years but never seriously. I didn't realise it was affordable here in Australia. So i guess after lots of research and esp reading through all of the girl's experiences here on this forum regarding tci and doctor dona it def helped me narrow down surgeons and my decision to do it and with size etc. Def zero regrets despite the fact that i ran into a few complications... If i had to make the decsion again i would still do it :) 

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