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1st time poster, long time reader booked for surgery next week!

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Hi everyone!

Ive been lurking while researching for a while on this forum but this is my first reply :D 

My name is Jess and Im a 26 year old promotional model studying Diploma of Paramedical Science. Will be finished early next year and im in a pretty new relationship but I think ive found the one after being single for 6 months coming out of a toxic 5 year relationship. Currently living by myself and loving it!

Im booked in with Dr Kim Taylor in Melbourne on 10th of November...NEXT WEEK! 2 days after my 26th birthday. 400CC Mentor Silicone Round HP overs from 12B to ??  Doc says I naturally have about 200CC breast tissue. Can't say im not nervous as it's my first general and fretting about size.

Im really into gym and love seeing changes in my body from weight training:D

Nice to meet you all xoxo

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Hi  newtoboobs congrats on your up coming surgery date. Come and join the November 2015 booby girls thread. You access the monthly ones at the very start of all the forum selections (ie before you select breast) and right down the bottom.  I got those implants yesterday, under the muscle though. And loving the size already!!

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Hi! Congratulations on your booking! you must be so excited. I'm also looking to get my LIFT+BA from Melbourne, and I'm just at the very beginning of all the research, so please jump back on here when you're done and let us know how you went with DR Kim Taylor. :)

Good luck!!

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