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Hiya lovelies,

I'm 166cm, 61kg, size 10 but with quite a large ribcage -  measuring 100cm underbust.  After much consideration, am considering having a BA revision. I had the initial procedure done at the end of April 2015 - Nagor GFX textured round 410cc's (BW 13.6cm, Projection 4cm) - but have found that I've got serious side-boob and little to no cleavage even though I'm now a size 12E! How does that even compute? 12E with no cleavage??!

An aside - Early on when changing dressing tape, one of the stitches pulled which lowered the breast fold crease slightly on one side. Breast folds were lowered as part of the initial op so that nips retained north-south balance. This hiccup was always going to be rectified but because the PS was aware that I wasn't super happy with the result due to the lateral placement of the implants, we have waited for things to settle before making any changes.  

Today at my 6 monthly follow-up appointment, it was suggested that changing implants to a higher profile might be a good option. The recommended implant size is 465cc with BW 13.5cm, Projection 5cm.

My rib cage is quite large so the 410cc implants don't look out of place. Am not sure I'm game to go any larger tho! I haven't even told my sister or mum lol! My husband couldn't care less but I really want to have less space between so I don't need to gaffer tape them up in order to achieve some cleavage. Bring on the revision!!

At the risk of oversharing, at the next op, my fab PS is also going to correct my inverted nips, something I've wanted to have done for as long as I can remember!! Happy Days!

I haven't posted anything from the inital op becasue I was so frustrated and disappointed but didn't want that to be a reflection on the PS as he and his whole team have been brilliant. It's so reassuring to know that this can be corrected and am very happy that I chose a surgeon with such extensive experience and an excellent reputation.

I'd love to see pics and hear stories from anyone with similar stats and 465's. 



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The primary reason to have the revision is to decrease space between breast gap. Though necessary, lowering my breast folds = kiss cleavage goodbye. The increase in size is only for the purpose of maintaining the base width when changing to the high profile implant that gives a little more height centrally, which in turn decreases the gap slightly.

Prior to my BA, I'd planned on having 350cc under the muscle, possibly teardrop as I wanted my breasts to look like they belonged to me. I love the size I am now just not the lateral placement. From what you're all saying maybe I won't even notice the size increase. That would be a perfect outcome.

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