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Breast lift/ reduction

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In May I went and had a consult with Dr Tavakoli, I was welcomed and made feel,comfortable Jen had answered all my questions via email. I attended the consult and knew I didn't need to see another Dr I had found my guy. Looked at them and knew what would suit me talked me through that just a lift by its self was beneficial to me and we can discuss implants after I'm healed. Due to some unforeseen circumstance I had to change surgery dates around and this was never an issue Jen just accommodated my needs. The 3rd of November I come for pre op consult all questions were answered and I was ready for surgery on the 9th. I went in to East Sydney Private Hospital 8:00 and was out put through and put in a lovely comfortable room to await surgery Dr T come in Drew all over me and then I met Dr Chung who put me to sleep. I woke up in recovery feeling excellent worried it was just all the drugs as I had read some horror stories for recovery. I'm now on day 3 nothing more them ny antibiotics and Panamax and feeling great, I can wash my hair and have all movement in arms. Highly recommend Dr Tavakoli to anyone he really is a boob magician

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