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Please give me instructions.

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I have a box of Silitape and I am almost 6 weeks post op and using Micropore at the moment.  I am going to start using Silitape for a week then switch back to Micropore as I am travelling to Asia where it is very humid and my PS nurse said Micropore would be better.  I have no instructions re silitape so I am a bit confused.  Do I put it on and leave it on for the week?  Or do I put it on and take it off prior to showering then reapply the same piece? Or do I take it off while in the shower and apply a new piece after each shower?  I have read different variations of what to do so I am really confused. 

Edited to add the silitape is perforated every 2 inches or so, not a complete long piece.



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I used Siltape, it's good stuff :)  I used the same piece for about a week and removed it to shower, I'd stick it to the towel rack and put it back on when I was dry.  I found if I didn't remove it to shower the area would get a bit of a rash.  

You need to make sure your incisions are 1000% healed before you start using it, it doesn't breathe at all, which isn't conducive to healing and might be why your PS nurse suggested sticking with micro pore if you're heading for fabulous, warm, humid places!

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