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Anyone with similar starting stats?


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I'd be really interested if there's anyone on here with similar starting stats to me. I thought I'd decided finally on size but doubt is creeping in again!

I'm 57.5kg, 166cm and am starting off from a very deflated 8d/10c with no upper pole at all.  My BWD is 12cm.

I'm having a lift as well and my surgeon is going to take away some of my existing breast tissue.

At my initial consultation I tried 335cc round sizes and I think they were low profile.

I did Vectra this week and though she couldn't simulate the lift for me, I'm now looking at 390cc high profile (projection is 5.1cm) unders. Dr Richardson reckons that will get me to about a 10dd. 

What do you think?  People who have already had surgery from a similar starting point to me, what did you go for and what size have you ended up. 

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Bigger is ok with me!  That's good to hear. That said, I'm no longer really filling the C cup but haven't replaced any of my bras since I knew I was getting surgery. Dr R said he will probably take some of my existing breast tissue away during the lift too so B cup will prob actually be my starting point  

Thanks girls!


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