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Got the cash now time to choose!!!


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Hi all ? 

We got approved for our refinance last week so now its time to get down to business!! Cosmeditour have a group going in Feb to Bangkok and I'm thinking that might be the one...Dr Pornthep has some great reviews but I'd like to hear more. 

My stats are

Height: 165cms

Weight: approx 65kgs, size 12ish

Breast size: lefty b, righty a (breastfed 3 kiddies for 2+ years each)

Any similar stats out there?

I'm thinking around 390 to 400cc implants. (Will prob have 2 different sizes to even the girls up) Suggestions have been for textured mentor round. Liking mod+ profile. I want some nice womanly full breasts but not gazoongas! 

I've become obsessed with looking at before and after pics all over the net but I'm wanting more stories. I'm on realself and a few on Facebook, constantly searching for similar start points to help my decision making. 

Please share your stories and stats with me! Any links to them would be appreciated.

Thanking you all xxx

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I have very similar stats to you minus the breastfeeding/slight asymmetry. I went nagor 390cc round textured dual plane and they are perfect for my fame. Maybe a little bit big, however at 3-4 weeks post op I assume there is still some swelling. I had high profile, which in the nagor are closer to a mentor mod plus mentor I believe. They have just enough upper pole without drawing too much attention. They are going to look super natural but still perky when they fully settle. 

I can't help you much with the Thai surgeons as I had mine done in Australia but I have heard great things about Pornthep, Boonchai, and Narupon (?). I hope that helps a little :) 

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I friend requested you so that you can view my pics. Im only day 18 post op. 

159cm. 67kg. Like you im about size 12. Starting size was a saggy 14A after  breastfeeding 2 kids. 

I got 420cc nagor impleos. Round, textured and under. And extra high profile. Im loving them so far. I also had a lollipop lift. Have a look through my photos ive got befores and afters so far :) 

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