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Hi all,

I have primary rhinoplasty done in January 2013, although I'm reasonably happy with it and it's an improvement on what I previously had, it's still not "perfect". 

What concerns me is the tip is still a bit bulbous, the septum hangs a little low, my scar is visible and my nostrils are more visible than before.. 

My question is, has anyone had revision rhino and been 100% happy? Who are the best surgeons in Australia for this procedure? Or is there a way I could alter the shape with fillers etc? Does taping help change the shape?

Thank you!!

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Hi Perfection,

It appears rhino is not much of a priority on this forum. It's either that or people prefer not speak of their rhino procedure/s. What you will find is that there are some '1 post wonders' who are probably employed by surgeons. That is kind of disappointing but when you think about it, it's not all that surprising. It adds to more confusion at a time when you are trying to garner information in order to make an informed decision.

It appears Breast Augmentation is way more popular and people are happy to chat about it.  I wouldn't know what that is like as I am male lol.

If responses are not forthcoming, do not take it personally. I Made a few comments regarding the lack of responses and it was explained to me.

Try to be patient and hopefully someone comes through with some info.

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I had my nose done in 2011 and then got a revision on my tip as it was a little asymmetrical and then another 1-2 years later (now) im booked in to get it done again. Its only minor but i see it a lot so hopefully  it gets fixed this time and will look fantastic, i have faith in my surgeon and i know he will do a good job. My nose is a hug improvement from my primary but yes i still look at it so why not get it fixed up.

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